Guide to the perfect gift for men

El ragalo perfecto para el hombre presumido en de T'estimu Moda

Guide to help you find the perfect gift depending on the personality of the person you want to give as a gift. Whether it's Dad, your brother, a relative, boyfriend or a friend.

The perfect gift for the conceited man


Believe it or not, the vast majority of men are smug and whoever doesn't admit it in public, in their privacy it really is. There is also a significant percentage of men who would like to show off and because of modesty they do not buy what they would like to buy, but if they are given it as a gift it is the ideal moment to put modesty aside.   

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to please a presumptuous man with a gift, it is enough just to find something that makes him different, that updates his way of dressing in a modern way and causes emotions in the people with whom he interacts. 

9 things you can give a conceited man


1. A set of socks and a belt that makes the perfect combination

Juego de calcetines divertidos y cinturón en de T'estimu Moda

The conceited man likes fashion, to dress well, to go well together, that's why our proposal for a gift box, with a set of socks and a matching belt, is one of the perfect gifts. 


2. Current and premium quality clothing 

Ropa de moda para hombre en de T'estimu Moda

Clothes that are of good quality will always be to the taste of a boastful man. All men who are a little presumptuous like to dress well and if the quality is adequate, they will surely love it. 


3. Skin care creams

Cremas para hombre en de T'estimu Moda

What conceited man does not like to apply skin care creams, be it masks, scrubs, anti-aging cream or gel around the eyes. It will surely be one of the perfect gifts for him.


4. A shoe that makes it different

zapatillas para hombre en de T'estimu Moda

There are several ways to show off your sneakers, the most common is to wear sneakers from a well-known brand (many boastful men love this), and the other option is a quality brand that is not so well-known but is well-known among lovers. of fashion.


5. Leather products made in Spain

Productos de piel y fabricados en españa en de T'estimu Moda

There are many men who love to show off wearing garments or clothing accessories made in Spain. It is an option that a large majority of men love, either out of patriotism or because they feel that ours is superior to the rest.


6. Beard care

Productos para el cuidado de la barba en de T'estimu Moda

We cannot leave aside the care of the beard, every man who cares for his beard as if it were the most delicate part of his body deserves a good plan for the care of the beard such as: scissors to trim, a razor to outline, a template to trim the beard without errors, a balm to nourish the hair, an oil to mold and soften and a comb and a brush. They are basic things to be able to boast of a nice beard. 


7. The best jewel of the smug man

La mejor joya para hombre en de T'estimu Moda

Without a doubt, the jewel par excellence of man is a good watch. Although today a large majority of men have set aside the watch for the benefit of the mobile. But the presumptuous man always finds an occasion to wear his favorite jewel (the watch).  


8. A boxer can also be a good gift for the conceited man

Bóxer de regalo para hombre en de T'estimu Moda

A boxer in a nice gift box is a good gift for the showy guy, especially if the boxer is fun and offbeat. Really, the conceited man what he likes the most is to feel good, either in his dress or in his way of living.


9. Pack of fun socks

Juego de calcetines divertidos en de T'estimu Moda

 This is an indicative guide, any questions you have do not hesitate to leave a comment and we will answer you as soon as possible. 


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