History of Bermuda, Men's shorts or shorts

Historia de las Bermudas, Shorts o pantalones cortos de hombre


Shorts have become an essential garment in today's man's clothing, but it has not always been like this. In reality, it was used only by children and it was frowned upon for men to wear it. In fact, it was not until after the Second World War that it became fashionable as the clothing preferred by men in the summer.

But let's go deeper into its history...


The principles of men's shorts


Surely it was already used before by some society, such as the Celts, but there is evidence that 100 years before Christ the Roman military already began to use it. They adopted this garment to go to war, for its comfort at the time of battle.

Later they became fashionable among the French bourgeoisie, they were really tight pants cut to the calf or knee, but they were still shorts. On the other hand, long trousers were part of the clothing of French peasants.

Over time, customs changed and shorts as we know them today were only seen as worn by children. They became the ideal pants for children, since this way they did not tear at the knee and were more comfortable for playing.

It was actually the garment of infants until they came of age or graduated from their studies or even until they got married, it was then when they adopted long pants as a means of clothing and stopped wearing shorts. Even after reaching the age of majority, it was frowned upon for them to wear shorts and they were even accused of being childish.

In fact, that's where the saying "the man wears the pants" comes from.


When men started wearing shorts

 Los principios de los pantalones cortos para hombre

It all started in sports, the comfort of wearing shorts for sports progressed little by little in a different way in each type of sport.

But it hasn't been that long since shorts began to be used in sports. For example, in Golf it began to be used in 1920, baggy shorts were used just below the knees and in each sport they were adapted according to needs.

By 1930 it was already common in sports. But it was still frowned upon for men to wear it and was considered an act of immaturity.

It was after the Second World War when it gradually became established in men's fashion. With the help of the most revolutionary couturiers they made them fashionable for both men and women.

But it was not all immediately, since it took a few decades for it to be gradually adopted. Bermuda shorts as men's usual clothing, mostly in summer.



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