Face creams for men

Cremas faciales para hombre en testimu.com de T'estimu

Face creams for men

Facial creams for men in T'estimu see in testimu.com

Although it is true that men's skin is a little stronger and more resistant than women's skin, this does not mean that it does not require special care, since all skin needs to be hydrated, exfoliated and moisturized to stay healthy. Skin that is not properly cared for is at risk of dryness and loss of vitality.

So, if you are interested in taking care of your skin as you deserve, here at T'Estimu we can provide excellent quality facial creams for men , which have been manufactured by small entrepreneurs with ingredients that are friendly to the environment.

General cleaning and grooming for men Male facial hygiene at testimu.com

Cleaning the face is very important and should be done daily . The reason is that the skin is exposed at all times to pollution, sunlight and other external factors that can significantly affect its vitality. This is why it is very important that you always use a good cleansing gel for your face and beard. In the same way, you can use a good facial soap, a mask and an exfoliant to remove dead cells.

On the other hand, it is important that once you cleanse and exfoliate your face, you apply a good serum or oil to help keep your skin hydrated . Remember that the pores are open and you need to fill them with a cream to hydrate and moisturize. In this way, you manage to perfectly fill these pores and prevent dirt from accumulating on your face.

If possible, do this cleansing routine at night to help your face stay clean longer and better absorb serum and moisturizing oils. You can also carry out this routine at the time of bathing, but give the skin a few minutes to absorb the products and then apply others if you wish.

Body lotion and facial creams for men

In this case, it is best to use body lotions that help you not only moisturize the skin but also keep it fresh. This will help you keep your skin in perfect condition, and also make you feel much more comfortable throughout the day. Similarly, knowing your skin type will help you make a better choice. Remember that there is oily or combination skin, dry skin and normal skin, and each of these requires a different body lotion to preserve its vitality.

For example, for combination or oily skin, it is recommended to use oil-free body lotions that help regulate shine and oil. Similarly, for dry skin, creams that prevent redness and the formation of scales and wrinkles are recommended. Finally, for normal skin, we recommend a body lotion with a light texture that does not generate too much fat.

With regard to facial creams, it is important that you look for one that not only suits your skin type, but also has good sun protection. So when you spend long days in the sun your face will not be affected. Now, if you prefer to use a sunscreen directly, make sure to apply it before the face cream. It is also important that you look for creams with a high content of vitamin E and that help you avoid dryness and blemishes on the skin.

Everything you need to know about a good shave

Everything you need to know for a good shave at testimu.com

The first thing to do to get a good shave is to prepare the skin. So if you have a good facial soap, use it to remove dirt from your face and beard. After washing your face, you need to apply a good moisturizing oil so that shaving is easier and faster, and, above all, so that it does not mistreat your skin.

Once you have finished with the previous steps, apply the shaving cream and massage yourself so that it generates a thick and abundant foam. Also, it is important that you shave in the direction of hair growth . Yes, in the same sense, as this will prevent the beard hairs from becoming ingrown and your skin from becoming irritated. So if you have always done the opposite, consider this tip so you can get a better shave.


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