What are organic cotton sweatshirts for men

Sudaderas de algodón orgánico de T'estimu Moda

The cotton sweatshirts for men that we offer at T'Estimu have been made from materials that are friendly to the environment and very comfortable to wear. More and more brands are betting on this type of process in the products they offer, with the aim of satisfying the growing demand for products that respect the environment in their manufacture.

In addition to using organic cotton, T'Estimu sweatshirts have interesting designs to be comfortable, without neglecting style at any time and place.

Those who are looking for different gifts can opt for any of the options that we have in the T'Estimu online store. Not only will you be purchasing a quality product, but you are also purchasing something that protects the environment throughout the manufacturing process.

GOTS certificate for T'estimu Moda sweatshirts

What is the organic cotton used in men's sweatshirts?

The organic cotton that we use in the T'Estimu t-shirts is a material obtained through a cultivation system in which chemical products such as fertilizers, herbicides or genetically modified seeds are not used, in order to protect the land and respect the environment. environment.

Although cotton is not polluting in itself because it is not derived from oil, many of the techniques used in its cultivation do negatively affect the environment, such as contamination with pesticides, the generation of toxic waste and the use of large amounts of water.

On the contrary, to obtain organic cotton, traditional farming methods are used, such as cotton picking by hand or the use of natural fertilizers. All these techniques seek to avoid the environmental impact generated by the cultivation of conventional cotton, since the techniques used in the organic type allow maintaining a more fertile and healthy soil, avoid excessive irrigation (protecting water reserves) and avoid affecting health. of the animals and producers as there is no contact with chemical products.

T'Estimu organic cotton men 's sweatshirts have everything you need to dress in style, comfort and protecting the environment.

French Terry, the material of T'Estimu men's sweatshirts

In addition to organic cotton, the men's sweatshirts that we offer at T'Estimu have been made with French Terry on the inside, a light and comfortable material, perfect for facing cool days. The inside of the sweatshirts is breathable and pleasant when in contact with the skin, thanks to the use of this material.

French terry or terry cloth is a type of 100% cotton or cotton-polyester blend. To obtain this material, when it is removed from the knitting machine, it must be left as is, without giving it the plush finish that is used in traditional sweatshirts. The French Terry is characterized on the inside by having a terry finish, with a great absorbent capacity. This quality helps to achieve a breathable garment, perfect to wear comfortably throughout the day.

Why choose T'Estimu men's sweatshirts?

Choosing environmentally sustainable garments such as organic cotton men's sweatshirts is the first step to begin reducing the environmental impact generated by the textile industry. More and more people choose this type of product, as they are becoming aware of the importance of protecting the planet and the environment, even through small actions.

At T'Estimu we are committed to respecting the environment and nature. For this reason we offer products that have not been tested on animals and that have not used polluting elements in their manufacture. This also makes it possible to have products that do not affect people's skin, thus avoiding skin irritations or allergies.

In addition to the possibility of accessing sustainable products, our online store offers a service guarantee on each of its products. We have free shipping from €30, you can track the order since we dispatch it and you can count on it in 48 or 72 hours.

Find out about the options we offer at T'Estimu and start incorporating environmentally friendly products and, above all, of excellent quality.


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