Men's Body Shaving

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Men's Body Shaving

Men's body shaving is currently widely used and more and more product options can be found for pre- and post-waxing care. Previously, male hair removal was only reserved for athletes, while today a large part of men choose body hair removal in different areas, either for aesthetics, comfort and even hygiene.

This trend is accompanied by the appearance of different lines of products designed to protect the skin, since this type of hair removal requires a lot of care. It is necessary to moisturize the skin, use exfoliants and, depending on the type of shave chosen , it may also be necessary to use some other product while trimming the hair.

Beard shaving also requires different products and not only the classic foam is used anymore. Men place more importance on skin care and incorporate a cleansing and moisturizing routine into their classic shave for best results.

Men's shaving care

Body hair removal is also important

It is not only important to have a care routine for the face, but if hair removal is in any area of ​​the body, it is also necessary to maintain some care to achieve better results.

Many men choose hair removal systems to remove hair, either temporarily or permanently. In these cases it is also important to protect the skin since, regardless of the method chosen, hair removal causes damage to the area where it is performed, so it is necessary to protect the skin before and after.

Regardless of the hair removal method chosen for the body, it is always necessary to prepare the area to be waxed . In the event that the depilation is in a beauty center, the indications of the professionals must be followed, while, if it is done at home, it is necessary to use some products such as exfoliants or moisturizers, more than anything to prepare the skin for the waxing or shaving.

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The care of a good shave

Regardless of the technique used to shave, it is necessary to protect the skin and take into account some tips to achieve good results and not damage the area to be shaved excessively. What you should keep in mind so that shaving is a good experience are:

use exfoliants

Exfoliation of the skin before shaving is essential , especially if electric epilators or razors are used. A good exfoliation makes it easier for the blades to pass through the skin and, in this way, achieve a more even and effective shave. There are different types of exfoliants that can be chosen, it is always advisable to try one of them beforehand to prevent the skin from becoming too sensitive before waxing.

After the shower

If hair removal is done at home with any type of method, be it creams or razors, it is advisable to do it after a shower, as this helps open the pores and achieve better results.

Using foams or some other product when shaving

In the event that hair removal is done with blades, it is extremely necessary to use a shaving foam or gel that allows the razors to pass through the skin easily and without hurting it too much.

Post hydration

After carrying out hair removal, it is necessary to use some type of moisturizing cream that helps restore softness to the skin and thus facilitate the recovery of the area after the damage caused by hair removal.

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Products that you cannot miss for shaving

There are different types of products that are allies for men's body shaving. These products help prepare the skin before waxing and help recover it after it to restore hydration and softness to the shaved area.

At T'Estimu we offer exclusive lines of products belonging to brands of young entrepreneurs for the entire body waxing and shaving process. Each of these products is characterized by being friendly to the environment and cruelty free, that is, without animal abuse. Some of the products that can be found in the T'Estimu store are:

  • Moisturizing creams for before and after body shave
  • Lotions that help prepare the skin to make it ready for hair removal
  • Exfoliants that help remove dead skin cells and thus achieve better results in hair removal
  • Natural body soaps so that the skin is clean before and after the shaving and waxing process
  • Excellent quality shaving and aftershave creams that help the skin to regain moisture and smoothness

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