Beige, a fashion trend

El Beige, tendencia de moda, sudadera de color beige, un color en tendencia

Beige is a fashion trend that is repeated year after year. Therefore, the options to combine beige pants with other outfits are varied. Here at T'estimu Moda, we recommend some "looks" of beige pants or sweatshirts that will keep you looking great all year long.


Nueva colección pantalones tejanos primavera en color beige en de T'estimu moda


The principles of beige

The origin of beige

Beige comes from France, and its origins are not in fashion, although it is a material used in the manufacture of clothing. We refer to neither more nor less than the wool of the sheep. 

In the Gallic country, raw wool began to be called beige centuries ago. It is darker in color than white, like a mixture of white and brown; it's beige 

The main authors of French literature have referred to this color in their works. Quickly, it caught on and crossed French borders to become a color on the global fashion scene. 

As white is luck, the color of purity, cleanliness, elegance and nobility of yesteryear. Beige shares some of the same attributes as white, and perhaps for this reason it attracts designers and buyers from all over the world.


Today it exists in different shades, depending on the predominant color, whether white or brown. Even so, the result is elegant, beautiful outfits, very easy to wear and combine.


Nueva colección pantalones Cargo en de T'estimu Moda


Beige is an amazing fashion trend

 Year after year, beige makes headlines in fashion magazines as the trend-setting colour. It is a color that offers neutrality, calm and timeless elegance. Without a doubt, it is one of the protagonists of fashion in all seasons, but especially in spring and summer. 

In addition, it is a hue that you can find in sweatshirts, pants, jumpers and all fashionable clothes. Beige pants are a common outfit in the collections of leading fashion designers year after year. Depending on the season, it only changes a darker shade for autumn and winter and a lighter shade for spring and summer.


Sudadera beige de algodón orgánico en de T'estimu Moda


Combined with beige pants: the best combinations

As we explained before, beige offers an infinite variety of combination options. We will concentrate on giving you the best "look" 

Beige pants combined with a white polo or shirt are ideal for spring and summer, but you can also combine beige pants with a bright blue, be it a polo shirt, a t-shirt or a shirt and without leaving behind black. A combination of beige pants with a black polo shirt can be an excellent option for a spring and summer night. 

Beige is present in both formal and informal fashion, so it appears in a wide variety of our outfits, as they are casual collections. 


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