Why is there a difference in price between one men's sandal and another?

  ¿Por qué hay diferencia de precio entre una sandalia de hombre y otra?

The sandals that we sell in T'estimu They pass through the main fashion cities as some of the best shoes made in Spain. Your eyes won't let you down every time you see them on a corner, yeah, these are T'estimu's sandals.
Irony in fashion sometimes reaches undeniable limits, but the triumph of good sandals has an explanation. People wear good sandals because they go beyond fashion, not above or below, but beyond.


Descubre por qué las sandalias de buena suela han aumentado en los últimos años

Find out why sandals with good soles have increased in recent years

Just for the comfort of your feet? Synthetic sole sandals are not like sandals made of a natural product such as rubber. Hence the price difference! No more no less!
At Testimu, we always look for the best in our product, avoiding everything synthetic and always looking for the natural. And if it is also made in Spain, it is a guarantee of good work, taking care of the transition of the product until it reaches the commercial and environmentally appropriate state.
The guarantee that can be given in the production of a piece of genuine leather in Spain is unmatched in any other Asian country. The leather may be of good quality at both production sites, but the quality control is not the same.


Here we show you the difference in quality between a good piece of leather and a bad one

Impeccable beauty: At first glance, many products can be confusing about the quality of the leather they are made from. At T'estimu, we make sure that all leather products are made by leather goods experts, each of which is made from natural leather, so that they can provide different shades between them.

Good quality fur is not really regular in its shape and color. While this statement may sound strange, remember that leather is a natural material and has its own uses and time; For this reason, typical leather marks or imperfections may appear or appear, and even discolorations from natural use.


Avoid leather sandals that are similar to your skin in color and appearance

Each piece of genuine leather has its own characteristics, so those with a similar uniform and condition usually indicate that it is leather with many chemicals, so the quality is worse.
When the leather is of poor quality (faux leather or synthetic leather) its appearance and color are similar over the entire surface. This leather tends to fade easily from simple rubbing with clothing or constant contact, while genuine leather will retain its original color and even improve over time.
Natural and high-quality leather has a soft and flexible texture, while synthetic materials have a greater hardness.

You can check if the leather is of good quality by pressing on the surface with your finger. If small wrinkles appear on the surface and disappear after a few seconds, this is a sign that the quality of the leather is high.

El olor es un buen indicador de la calidad de las sandalias de cuero

The smell is a good indicator of the quality of leather sandals.

Knowing if your sandal is made of genuine leather or not is simply by its very distinctive smell.
However, synthetic materials often give off a strong synthetic odor. But, you have to be careful, because there are products on the market that are often applied to the pieces so that they initially smell like real leather, this smell will disappear after a few days.

The temperature is another way of knowing that the leather is of good quality.

Another option is to place a piece of leather near a strong heat source, but be very careful not to get too close to burn it. If you want to check it, do it in a part that cannot be seen. If it's genuine leather, it will shrink a bit and return to its original shape when it cools. On the other hand, if the leather is of poor quality or artificial, it will quickly deform and not return to its original shape. The effect that can be produced is the burning of plastic, with the appearance of melting. In this test, smell will also make a difference. While poor quality leather will smell bad, natural leather will smell like a burnt beauty.


If you have any questions about the quality of a piece of leather, leave me your comments...


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