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Cuidados del cabello del hombre en T'estimu

Natural hair products at T'estimu

Keeping hair strong, shiny and silky is something that can be achieved through the use of natural hair products. When talking about these types of products, we refer to those that have been specially formulated for hair care and are made up of ingredients based on what nature offers.

For millennia, humans have used herbs, flowers, and other products to care for and beautify hair. At present and with the help of technology, natural hair products can be obtained , made with quality and safety standards. For example, T'Estimu offers a complete line of natural hair products that can help restore the lost splendor of any hair. These products will also serve to maintain the vitality and shine of the hair at all times.

Proper hair care is part of personal hygiene and body health . For this reason it is important to keep it clean and hydrated. This goal can be achieved in a more adequate way with the use of natural hair products. In addition, it is important to remember that hair is a reflection of the internal health of the body, so having a good diet and hydration and exercising regularly are factors that can help to have stronger and healthier hair.

How to care for your hair

Natural hair products at T'estimu

There are some basic hair care that are worth mentioning. They are simple actions that can be incorporated into the beauty routine without major inconveniences. I'm sure your hair will thank you very soon! Here are some tips for hair care:

  • Brush your hair between ten and twenty times before sleeping. This advice that seems from the time of our grandmothers, has its reason for being, according to experts. Brushing exfoliates the scalp, removes product residue and enhances the hair's natural shine.
  • Brush your hair before washing it. In this way, the hair will not get tangled when you wet it, in addition to possible knots being removed. This will help reduce the possibility of breakage, which can happen more easily on wet or damp hair.
  • The wash water temperature should be lukewarm. Hair care experts say that hair washing water should be lukewarm. Cold water does not help dissolve the oil present in the hair and hot water damages it.

Natural products the best option for hair

Natural hair products at T'estimu

We already know that we must pay attention and care to our hair so that it looks shiny and stays strong. By following the tips listed above you will already be doing a lot to show off a beautiful mane, but you can still do more with the use of natural hair products.

Add to your daily routine the use of shampoo and conditioner made from natural products like the ones we offer you at T'Estimu. With the shampoo you will be able to clean your hair in depth, while with the conditioner you will hydrate and untangle the hair. It is also recommended to use a mask to moisturize the hair more deeply at least once a week.

The differences between female and male hair

Men and women have different characteristics from each other and hair is no exception. For example, hormonal factors tend to generate thicker hair in men and with a greater tendency to suffer from the annoying presence of dandruff. In the case of women, the hair is usually finer and therefore more likely to break.

It is for this reason that it is convenient to acquire products that are specially formulated for each of the different needs of the hair. In the case of men, it is advisable to use products that help control dandruff, while many women will need products to strengthen and prevent brittle hair.


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