1-Minute Guide to Fitting Men's Jeans

El ajuste perfecto en los pantalones tejanos

Guide to fitting men's jeans


Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel!

Today I bring you a quick guide of a few minutes on the different fits of men's jeans.

We know how important it is to find the perfect pants that fit our body, so Let's find out together!

High Shot vs Low Shot

The first aspect to consider is the rise of the pants. The high rise sits above the waist, which may be more comfortable and flattering if you have a slimmer build. On the other hand, the low rise sits below the waist, which can give the illusion of longer legs if you are taller.

So choose the shot that best suits your style and body!

Skinny Fit vs Straight Fit

The next point to take into account is the cut of the pants. A slim fit is a suitable option for even the beefiest guys, as it hugs the body and gives a slim feeling.

If you are looking for a more classic and timeless look, choose a straight cut that helps elongate your body shape.

Remember, fit is key to finding the perfect pants.

Color and Washing of the pants

In addition to fit, you should consider the color and wash of the pants.

Opt for a simple tone that combines well with most of your clothes, avoiding those with too many details, the dark color will always look good on you, but in fashion you have to dare to differentiate yourself. 

For ripped pants, choose a lighter-colored fabric to avoid bright contrasts. And make sure the wash has a uniform tone, to avoid cutting effects.

Tricks to adjust your jeans

But what if you find the perfect pants, but they're a little loose in the waist?

No problem! Here are some tricks to easily adjust them:

1. Use a belt: Simply choose a belt that matches your pants and adjust it to fit your waist.

2. Use a safety pin: If your pants don't have belt loops or you don't have a belt, you can make a pleat at the waist and secure it with a safety pin. This will adjust your pants effectively and without additional tools.


That's all for today, I hope this 1 minute guide on settings men's jeans has been useful.

Remember to take into account the fit, cut, color and wash that best suit your body and style.

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Find out how to find the perfect fits in your men's jeans in this quick 1-minute guide!

Learn about proper fit, slim vs. straight fit, color and wash, and tricks for fitting your pants.


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