Organic Cotton Shorts for Men

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All our products are natural, made with organic cotton, Egyptian or pure cotton 100x100. It can also be made of bamboo fibers or recycled products such as plastic bottles.  

Organic Cotton Shorts for Men in current colors and excellent quality that is noticeable to the naked eye and to the touch.

Limited units!

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T'estimu men's organic cotton shorts are practical for every day and a must have in any wardrobe. In classic shades, this product is part of the sustainable alternatives that we offer in the T'estimu online store to reduce the environmental impact on the planet.

The organic cotton shorts are made of a rigid and soft fabric, comfortable against the skin and very elegant, even in more informal styles. They have been made of organic cotton and accessories such as buttons are also sustainable products. This is why the shorts that we offer at T'estimu have the GOTS certification, which guarantees that the entire production of the garment, from obtaining the cotton to obtaining the final product, has been carried out respecting the environment.

There is a variety of sizes and different colors, although it must be taken into account that these are limited units because they are handmade products, made with sustainable materials.

What is the GOTS certificate that T'estimu men's organic cotton shorts have?

The organic cotton used in the men's shorts from the T'estimu online store has been endorsed by the GOTS certificate. This certification – whose acronym corresponds to Global Organic Textile Standard (Global Organic Textile Standard, in Spanish) – is one of the most recognized worldwide. The garments that obtain this certification do so because it has been guaranteed that the environment was respected in all phases of its production. This includes everything from the cultivation and harvesting of the cotton until the garment reaches the purchase process.

Not only are these products that include a minimum percentage of ecological fibers and a maximum percentage of synthetic fibers, but it is also guaranteed that no toxic chemicals were used in production.

The GOTS certification is also a guarantee that allows knowing that, in the manufacture of a product, there was no labor exploitation and decent working conditions were guaranteed for all the people who have been part of the process.

The organic cotton shorts for men that we offer at T'estimu have a quality guarantee not only in terms of the sustainability of the product, but also in the strength of its materials. This makes them comfortable and friendly products when in contact with the skin to avoid any type of toxic residue in the final result.

Why choose T'estimu men's organic cotton shorts?

variety of colors

More classic shades to put together more formal styles and more intense colors such as ocher and terracotta to dress in more informal situations are some of the options for cotton shorts. Not only are products friendly to the environment in each of the phases of their production; They are also elegant and stylish garments to wear in different everyday situations.

size range

The organic cotton shorts are available in sizes from 38 to 48 so everyone can find the right one for their size. It must be considered that, although there is a variety of colors, the units are limited precisely because they are sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

Quality in every detail

Each of the details of the organic cotton shorts is of high quality and gives these garments a unique finish. The mother-of-pearl effect buttons are also organic and it has double stitching on the sides of the shorts. The side pockets are spacious and practical, and have piping for a better finish. They have a hem at the bottom of the garment and convenient belt loops for a better fit if needed.

fast shipments

Buying organic cotton shorts for men in the T'estimu online store is very simple and convenient. Shipments are free from €30 in Spain and Portugal; orders can be tracked and returns and changes are made in an agile way for the peace of mind of customers.

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