About us

About us

I am Jose Gutierrez,
founder of T'estimu and I am passionate about the world of men's cosmetics, accessories and fashion accessories for men.

I was born in a small town in the Axarquia Malagueña called Almáchar.
When I was 14 years old, my parents emigrated to Barcelona, ​​leaving their lands that had cost them so much sacrifice to buy like so many others.

At the age of 14, it is not easy to change my place of residence, change schools and friends, but that helped me become strong and grow with concerns that have helped me throughout my life.

I studied cooking and became a good cook (at least that's what my family and friends say 😉), I worked in the kitchen for 15 years and then for reasons of not being able to enjoy my daughters (then small) I changed professions and we created a company rental of tourist apartments in Tossa de Mar, a town on the Costa Brava.

But he had a dream!

A dream that kept haunting my head for years, that dream was T'estimu.

A project born out of necessity

T'Estimu was born to cover an almost non-existent market need, which is none other than male cosmetics.

Products that were not easy to find of acceptable quality for men's skin. Maybe it can ring a bell! I have to use my wife's cream because I can't find a facial cream for men that I like, because that was the problem I had day after day.

And these were the principles that grew in me for years, until my dreams became a reality.


After several months of researching and looking for manufacturers of male cosmetics, I found a small manufacturer, almost artisanal, that manufactured a very complete collection of cosmetics for men and also natural, made with natural ingredients and without testing it on animals (that's where my interest was also born expanding my catalog with men's fashion accessories, but it had to be natural and organic products), which made me doubly excited.

After trying the cosmetics personally for two months (I am still using them to this day), I decided to start my adventure.

Where does my brand name come from?

Actually T'estimu comes from the Catalan word "T'estimo" (I love you), although as I have said before I am from a town in Axarquia Malaga, but I live in Barcelona and I think this is a nice brand word for my store of cosmetics and fashion accessories for men. Because there is nothing more beautiful than loving someone and why not, loving yourself.

Who are T'estimu products for?

For you, who are a person who is aware of the maintenance of your skin.

For you, who feel the need to keep your skin hydrated and clean.

For you, who put what is natural and respect for the environment before the product without scruples with nature.

For you, who prefer GOTS-certified organic cotton clothing to synthetic fibers.

For you, who like to dress well and feel handsome.

For you, because you are a person who loves and pampers you, that is why you are unique and everything at T'estimu is for you.

To this day I still don't know if T'estimu is a hobby or a company, or maybe a feeling?

Based on 208 reviews
Very light and beautiful watch

The watch has a wooden case and strap. It really is very original and looks great.

Thank you Juanmi for your comment and your five stars. Really, if we talk about original, nothing more original than our clients. Greetings T'estimu ;)

Is very pretty

I bought my husband the boxer shorts and it is very nice and my husband also liked it a lot.

Thank you very much Lourdes for your comment. We love that both you and your husband liked the boxer. A hug. T'estimu ;)

Prettier than in the photos

It has a pastel color and is more beautiful than in the photos on the web.

Giménez, thank you for your comment and for the five stars. As you comment, a photo does not always enhance a garment. A hug from T'estimu ;)

Very original and arrived earlier than it says

The sweatshirt is very original. The fabric looks of good quality and in two days I had it at home.

Very grateful Fabio for your comment, it really is what we are looking for originality and quality. A hug. T'estimu ;)

It arrived the next day

Very happy with the delivery service, also with the help received before the purchase. And best of all, the good quality of the jacket.

Alberto, thank you for your five stars and for your comment. A big hug from T'estimu ;)

Great, very nice and comfortable

I really liked the down jacket, it is elegant and very light. It arrived earlier than expected

Thanks Juanjo, it is a pleasure for us to have clients like you. And we are very proud that you liked it. Greetings from T'estimu ;)

A very light and comfortable jacket

The sweatshirt is very good quality. Super light and combines perfectly with my clothes. I also arrive very quickly

Thank you Arturo, it is a pride for us to have clients like you. A big hug from T'estimu ;)

very soft sweatshirt

I really liked the sweatshirt, it is very soft and comfortable to wear

Thank you Pere, it is a pride for you to have clients like you. Lots of kisses from T'estimu ;)

The sneakers are very light

I liked the sneakers because they weigh nothing, they are very comfortable and pretty

Thank you Raúl for your positive comment and your five stars. A big hug, T'estimu ;)

As pretty as in the photo

It is very pretty and is exactly as it appears in the photo. It also fits me perfectly, very happy

Thank you Rafa for your comment and your five stars. A big hug T'estimu ;)

Very original

The sweatshirt is very original, the pocket stands out but it looks very good and comfortable

Marcos, We are delighted that you liked it and thank you for your comment and five stars. Regards, T'estimu ;)

It is noted that it is of quality

You only have to see the sweatshirt to see that it is of quality. I bought it for my partner and it fits him great

Thanks Esther, we are very happy that both you and your partner liked the sweatshirt. Regards, T'estimu ;)

very soft and comfortable

The sweatshirt is very soft and comfortable, plus the color is perfect 👌

Thank you Guillermo for your comment and for the five stars. A hug from T'estimu ;)

A pink that looks very good

I was a little hesitant about the color of the sweatshirt but I'm happy, the color is a bit pastel and it looks good. I liked it!!

John, we are also happy that you liked it. A hug from T'estimu ;)

I'm crazy to release it

Very happy and eager to wear the jersey for the first time, it is very beautiful and the quality is even better

Thank you Roger for your comment and the five stars. Hugs from T'estimu ;)

The slippers are beautiful

Good quality and comfortable. Very happy with the purchase and good price for the quality of the shoes

Thank you Jonathan for your nice comment and for the five stars. A big hug from T'estimu ;)

Good skin and elegant

The sports shoes are elegant, they dress nicely and have good leather

Thank you Kevin, we love that you liked the sneakers. Greetings from T'estimu ;)

very bright blue

I really liked the shoes, they have a beautiful blue. Very happy

Thank you Ivan for your five stars and your comment. Greetings T'estimu ;)

The most beautiful sneakers I've ever had

Really pretty, it's a pair of sneakers that favors me with any pants.

Thank you Mikel for your five stars and your comment. We love that it fits you well. Greetings T'estimu ;)

Excellent quality

The sneakers are of very good quality, I liked them so much that I will order the white ones.

Pedro, thank you very much, it is a pleasure to have such grateful clients. A big hug from T'estimu ;)

genuine leather

The shoes are made of leather and of good quality, they are well made and fit perfectly. Very happy with the purchase

Carlos, thank you very much for your comment. A big hug from T'estimu ;)

pullover 10

it is like in the photo.
very pretty and very hot

Gorka thank you very much for your nice comment and for the 5 stars. It really is a pleasure to have customers like you. A hug. I encourage you :)

very nice garment

a garment made with love.
calicad very good and pretty

Gorka thank you very much for your nice comment and for the 5 stars. It really is a pleasure to have clients like the ones we have. A hug. I encourage you :)

they look great on me

They are very nice and comfortable, I always buy leather sneakers because they perspire better and they last longer and these are perfect.

Thank you Gorka for your comment and the five stars I totally agree, where this leather shoe has nothing better. T'estimu:)

Very good quality

The shoes are comfortable and their quality is noticeable as soon as you take them. Very happy